Unlimited mileage for all rentals.

Following a cancellation, the deposit or amount is not refundable, but transferable to another rental or to another date during the next 12 months. Thereafter, the deposit or amount is cancelled.

Training and Information…
Each customer will receive basic training on the rental unit regarding its use and safety. Driving and operating skills as well as knowledge of the rules and laws are the responsibility of the customer. No one can claim to be a substitute for the rules and regulations.

On request of the customer, Mecamoto will provide a helmet or a protection system against theft free of charge.

Mecamoto reserves the right to substitute the rented unit at any time. If Mecamoto cannot provide the exact unit rented, a similar or superior model will be provided for the customer.

The fuel required for the rented unit is the responsibility of the customer. Mecamoto is not responsible for the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The customer must return the unit with the same amount of gasoline as at the beginning. A fee of 50% per liter at the pump will be charged for each missing liter until the tank is filled.

Maintenance responsibility…
The customer is responsible for performing a cursory check of the unit during the rental. In the case of a road vehicle, the customer must check the oil level, tire pressure and general condition of the unit. The customer is responsible for and must immediately report any mechanical problem to Mecamoto who will inform the customer of the procedure to take. The customer may be held responsible for any mechanical damage due to negligence in the operation of the unit.

Age requirements and driver’s license…
The customer, user or driver must be at least 21 years of age to rent or operate a unit. The customer, user or driver must possess a valid and active license with the class of license required for the type of vehicle rented. The foreign customer, user or driver must possess a valid operating license in their country of origin and legal to operate in Canada for the duration of the rental. An international license may be required in some cases.

Third party liability insurance is included in the rental. Collision, theft, fire and vandalism insurance is included with the rental to the limit of the deductible related to the vehicle. The deductible is indicated on the rental contract. The client or driver loses his right to the deductible limit and is responsible for the entire value of the rented vehicle as well as all expenses related to the event in the case of fraud, mischief, reckless driving, disregard of the rules and regulations of the road or negligence.

Deductible and security deposit.

The rented unit is insured against accidental damage as well as fire, theft and vandalism. At the time of rental, the client must provide a security deposit in full which is indicated in the contract. This deposit is equal to or less than the amount of the deductible as indicated in the contract. The security deposit can be paid by a credit card belonging to the client and validated in his name. No third party can vouch for a security deposit or deductible. The client may also pay the security deposit by cash but at the full amount of the highest deductible related to the unit. No deductible reduction is possible when paying the deposit by cash. Mecamoto is not responsible for any charges related to the use of a credit card by the customer or any charges involved in the payment of the deposit and its refund.

The security deposit is returned at the time of the return of the vehicle after an inspection of the vehicle and that the vehicle is returned in the original condition. The original condition is noted on the departure sheet (PAL). Any damage or breakage is the responsibility of the customer up to the amount of the deductible. The estimate of the damage or breakage is made at the retail price of the original parts and the installation time and includes the related taxes. The customer can neither offer parts nor do the repair by himself or by a third party. Mecamoto reserves the right to make the repair and does not return the damaged parts.

Payment method…
Mecamoto accepts the following payment methods: Debit, Visa, Mastercard. Cash.
Road use

Road bikes can be used on federated highways anywhere in Canada except the United States.