For me, the arrival of the summer season means much more than a drastic diet to get back to my wasp waist. For me, the arrival of the warm season is simply the return of freedom! After hibernating for a long time during the cold winter months, it’s my turn to go out in the streets and show off my new colours Summer is finally the return of streets to roam and neighbourhoods to discover. It’s the return of festivals and outdoor parties. I want to enjoy summer and I want to be everywhere!
With my #Vespa, my freedom is back. With a flick of my wrist, I cross the city. In a few moments, as if by magic, I find myself wherever I want, without fuss. No more worries about the exorbitant price of petrol or parking spaces, when I go out, I Park at the door. Traffic jams and congestion are bad memories as a motorist that I try to forget.